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[QUOTE=cheesehead;377006]You've been having that sort of fear periodically throughout this game :-)[/QUOTE]
Yes, usually (and only) after my move is outvoted :-P

Now, if you are optimistic about it, I don't mind we being playing any other version, you convinced me over the game that you know your stuff. This is your final, and I am convinced you can play it and win it.

Right now is clear that we can't do better than [B]34 Bh3+[/B], so, we can play it and see what they come out with. I think it doesn't really make sense to argue about move 35, they may still play 34...Kf6, or 34...Kf7 directly (why waste a move? :-P). So, we see after that how we go.

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