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Hmmm ...

[B]34 Bh3+ Nf5 35 Rb6+[/B] can get us a piece-swap and K-side pawns.
If [B] 35 ... Kd7 36 Rxg6[/B] (getting R off the a7-g1 diagonal) [B]36 ...Kxc8 37 Bxf5+ K-moves 38 Rxh6[/B] and now we're ready to roll our K-side passers. I think we ought to be able to delay Black's capture of our a-pawn long enough to advance our g/h-pawns to the point where we queen one of them before Black queens his a-pawn - but that's not based on hard calculation,


[B]34 Rb6+[/B] I'd been avoiding doing this before Bh3+ because ... Kd7 ruins the pin set-up the other move aimed at. (And, as usual, we must keep in mind that this puts rook and king on same a7-g1 diagonal.)) But I'm taking a second look, and this has possibilities such as:
If [B]34 ...Kd7 35 Bh3+[/B]
But if [B]35 ... Kc7[/B], we mustn't fall for the trap of trying to win two pieces for our rook with 36 Nxe7 Kxb6 37 Nd5+, because Black would play 36 ... Bd4+ instead, and we'll have given away our material advantage.
However, in this position Black is threatening to win a piece with Nxc8 because our B/c8 is double-attacked and single-defended ... and our rook must flee.
Although 36 Rb5 threatens 37 Rc5+ after 36 ...Nxc8, Black can strike first with 36 ... Bd4+ and if 37 Kg2 Nxc8 38 Rxa5 Black has two knights for our rook+pawn.

But after [B]34 Rb6+ Kd7[/B], there's another forcing move:
[B]35 R[U][B]d[/B][/U]6+[/B]

If [B]35 ... Kxc8 36 Bh3+[/B]
If [B]36 ... Kb7 or Kc7 37 Rd7+[/B] restores our material edge.
If [B]36 ... Kb8 37 Rd8+[/B]
If [B]37 ... Ka7 or Kb7 or Kc7 38 Rd7+[/B] again restores our material edge.
If [B]37 ... Nc8 38 Rxc8+[/B] and [B]39 Rxc3[/B] - we're up a whole rook!
If [B]36 ... Nf5 37 Rc6+[/B] and [B]38 Rxc3[/B] - we traded our knight for their strong bishop and remain the Exchange up!

If [B]35 ... Kc7[/B] Is there any advantage to this strange choice? [B][B]36 ????[/B]

If [B]35 ... Ke8[/B][/B] Is there any advantage to this strange choice? [B]36 ????[/B]

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