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Default White 34

I rediscovered the resource for Black that I couldn't recall before.

[QUOTE=cheesehead;376803][QUOTE=cheesehead;376494]I just found that in my favorite [B]33 Nxc8 Kxe6 34 Bh3+[/B] line, Black does have at least one defensive sequence that avoids losing his a5-pawn, so I retract my claim that we have a forced win of material there.[/QUOTE]Now I've discovered how to tighten the sequence that Black has to tread in order not to lose material.

[quote][B]33 Nxc8 Kxe6 34 Bh3+ Kf6 35 Rb6+ Kf7 36 Rb7 Bb4 37 Nxe7 Bxe7 38 Ra7[/B][/quote]If [B]38 ... Nb3 or Nc4[/B] then[B]
39 Ra6[/B] threatening 40 Be6+ winning the knight (on either b3 or c4)

< snip >

If [B]39 ... Bc5+ 40 Kg2[/B] (NOT Kf1 Nd2+ 41 K-move Bb4 protecting both knight and pawn) and now we still have [strike]the same threats to capture pawn or knight as we did before.[/strike][/QUOTE]... [I]almost[/I] the same threats, [I]but not quite[/I].

Now Black has a way to prevent losing either his a-pawn or his knight, by playing
[B]40 ... Ke7[/B] (note that 39 ... Bc5+ was necessary to vacate the e7 square).

If [B]41 Be6[/B] attacking the knight, it's not a check, so Black can move the knight. But if then 42 Rxa5 Kxe6.
In particular,
If (with knight on b3) [B]41 ... Nd4[/B] attacking the bishop, and there aren't any Black targets that our B can threaten when it moves.
If [B]42 B-move Bb4[/B]. Of course, then we can start nabbing king-side pawns with [B]43 Rxg6[/B], but Black retains his a-pawn threat.
If (with knight on c4) [B]41 ... Ne3+[/B] 42 Kf3 does prevent 42 ... Bb4 because of 43 Kxe3, but Black can simply move the knight again to a safe square, and because our bishop is still next to his king, we can't afford 43 Rxa5 yet, giving Black a tempo for ... Bb4.
If (with knight on c4) [B]41 ... Na3 or Nb2 or Nd2 or Ne5 or Nd6[/B] (not ... Nb6, where Black's bishop has to protect it and thus can't play ... Bb4) [B]42 Bb3 Bb4[/B] and again we've been thwarted in attempting to capture the a-pawn, but we can proceed to clean out Black's king-side with 43 Rxg6.

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