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Originally Posted by charybdis View Post
By the way, it is essential to add tasks.sieve.adjust_strategy = 2 whenever you use tasks.A = [even number] rather than tasks.I. There should be a noticeable speedup.
Then that might be a big part of the problem, I didn't include it in the params file.

Other than that, I don't remember the exact point of this increase but it was quite sudden. I found a possible explanation though. I don't do every number by SNFS since most are factored by easy ECM. So it might have been that I compared a number with an exponent divisible by 5 to one that was == 4 (mod 5).

SNFS-179 number 1281979*2^594+1 with polynomial 1281979*2^4*(2^118)^5+1 has an E-score of 3.365E-11 while the SNFS-175 number 1281979*2^580+1 yields an E-score of 5.747E-11. I am not sure how strongly that affects sieving times, but the former E-score is 42% lower, so it might be quite significant?

Add to that the problem with the missing adjust_strategy and it might explain everything.

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