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[QUOTE=LaurV;376999]I can't get rid of that feeling that we just gave away a clear victory, with the last move.[/QUOTE]

You've been having that sort of fear periodically throughout this game :-) So far, none have come to pass. :-) We still have all the advantages we had before.

Get some sleep. :-)

- - -

If [B]34 Bh3+ Nf5[/B], we _do_ have that Black knight pinned, after all -- just on a different square.
Possibilities for us after that include:

If [B]35 Rb6+ ????[/B]

If [B]35 Rb5 ????[/B]

If [B]35 Kg2[/B] (eliminating the Bc5+ threat) [B]35 ... ????[/B]

If [B]35 Bxf5+[/B]
If [B]35 ... Kxf5 36 ????[/B]
If [B]35 ... gxf5 36 ????[/B]
- - -

[QUOTE=LaurV;376999]we might be in for a long "rook against horse" final[/QUOTE]

With opposite-color bishops, I expect rook-and-bishop vs. knight-and-bishop.

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