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Wow! Scott! Welcome back man!

Now that you put your nose back into Misfit, can you beat its butt until it will accept "PFactor" lines? That way, we could use it with gpuOwl as well as MfaktX, because everything it does, is to take assignment lines from a common pool and distribute them to the monitored folders' worktodo files, as well as taking back the results from there and send them to PrimeNet.

That's all we need.

So, there is no difference in behavior, the only issue is that it only grabs "Factor" lines from the pool, and ignores the others, spitting errors at us

As well as it will accept P-1 lines too (starting with "PFactor") we are good to go. We can manually add assignments to the pool, if you can't make Chris come to reason I may go to GPU72 once per week and grab 500 lines by hand, I am ok with that. But managing the local splits and specially balancing the "worktodo"s is bloody (and of course, one card is always faster than the other).

As you gave me the sources some time ago, I already did my own "patch" to it (as I remember, there were some changes in global.cs, and another file), but it is better if you do the changes and release by yourself. Having the "accepted lines" customizable (like a text or config file where I can write "Factor=", "Factor=N/A" "PFactor=" blah blah) would be even better...

This request may seem trivial, "who the hack is doing so much P-1??" but if you look to the evolution of the things since you left, one guy with two or three Radeon VII cards can run 4 to 7 instances of gpuOwl and each of them can cycle 10 to 30 P-1 assignments per day. Not long ago I finished about 800 P-1 exponents from GPU72, and splitting/balancing those was not easy. Maintaining those manually is slowly becoming a pain in the butt.. (well, there are scripts, pythons, and all kind of other scary animals there outside, but we like Misfit )

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