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Originally Posted by chalsall View Post
If you /need/ an exemption to this policy, let me know.
I do not know if I'll need an exemption actually...
I've 28 days of work assigned. Almost done the oldest. The "problem" will reappear in few days: I should finish all the job in a week but I'll need four (I've already requested for an extension but I did't have a feedback from the site, so I do not know if this exemption has been granted till I'll see the usual warning message). My VGA can produce something like 140 Ghz Days/Day, nothing more... I'll complete all the tasks assigned to me but I don't like to slow down anything
I've already send an email from GPU 2 72 site askin' to modifying (integrate) my credentials: actually I'm "Anonymous" so, maybe it is for this I can't keeping "Al" up to date about what I'm actually doing and at what pace (i.e. Estimated Completion and Days To Go columns are empty). That is: is there a way to improve my relation with "Al"?
Thanks in advance for answering.
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