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Originally Posted by EdH View Post
You wouldn't have noticed yet, I'm now running the last two holdouts to <140. I'm interested to see what happens with 35^107 which will complete its current iteration shortly.

Let's look at where we should focus next and whether this project-thread is on hold or whether we should consider more options. I need to at least keep post #1 up to date so Jean-Luc will have a good reference. But, would we want to tackle some strays or something else as we've touched on before.
Cool on finishing off the sequences in the 1st post!

Reserving 35^107.

Unfortunately it may have a hard C137 at its current iteration. I'm running ECM only right now and it just passed the t35 level. If it doesn't crack, I'll have to move it to my Ryzen. That means I'll have to rearrange some stuff since it has a couple longer jobs queued up right now. It's not a problem because its current size makes it the higher priority. Regardless it will probably be tomorrow before it terminates barring a quick split here.

I'm game for whatever we decide to do.

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