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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
My apologies to Caleb and the effort here. I was looking for some low hanging fruit and completely missed the reservation. Clearly you should credit him.

Meanwhile I worked on some small ones from your size list:


Small advancement:
139^57 120/115
1152^39 117/103
1152^40 122/103
1250^33 101/99
1250^36 112/100
1250^39 121/99
1250^40 124/112

All cofactors fully ECM'd.

Those were not previously reserved. :-)

No plans to take any of them further.

Edit: It looks like someone else terminated 139^61.
Thanks for the work, updates and terminations. Feel free to work all you would like. My scripts will pick up any changes from day to day. There are lots of terminations being made. Let us know of any you should get credit for. I've posted the three above. I'll let my scripts catch 139^61 tomorrow as a "check" for them.
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