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Originally Posted by pacionet View Post
Why does server assign me, sometimes, a Double Check, even if I chose "World Record Prime" in assignment preferences?
Some possibilities:

1) The system receiving the assignment has not yet completed a double check, so its reliability is untested and unknown.

2) It's been a long time since the system has completed a double check. Hardware reliability changes with time. A system reliable last year may not be this year; may be less reliable next year; etc.

3) Something may have gone wrong and primenet got confused about the identity of the system. (Sometimes it thinks one machine is two different machines. The alias may have not had any double checks recorded associated with it.) Check your account's CPUs listing to see if any cpu duplication/splitting has occurred. See the "Merge checked cpus" button at bottom left.

4) Primenet enforces certain assignment rules. It may decline to assign world record prime runs to systems that would need more than a year to complete one, and issue shorter work of a different type instead. See

5) If running PRP with Gerbicz check, and the system reliability declines, increasing recomputation of the same iterations after a Gerbicz check detects errors, lowering the computed rate of progress and increasing time to completion, Primenet may revoke the assignment if it determines the estimated remaining run time increases to more than a year. I've seen this happen on one of my systems, which has been powered down as too unreliable for use. Logging of such errors will show up in the mprime/prime95 results file

6) (whatever reasons I'm not thinking of right now)

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