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I would like to thank you for completing this factorization.

Sometimes those of us who are committing our resources to more "cutting edge" problems forget that we also need to be grooming new researchers to take our place. Independently solving "simple" problems is both useful for the result and instructive in developing your abilities.

Bob Silverman seduced me into participating in a collaborative factoring project decades ago. (At that time a 90MHz Pentium was very much "state of the art"). With his help, I established an automated collaboration to perform widely distributed sieving. NFSNet continues to help push the limits of the Cunningham Project.

The "cutting edge" always requires some rather formatible resources. I was unable to perform sufficient filtering on one of our current projects on a machine with 2GB of RAM.

But I hope that you have been "bitten" by the bug and will become more active in the NC community. (no, Mike, I don't mean North Carolina) Frankly, we need more new blood. At this point in life, I should ask "Should I wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled?" I'm hoping that my last "hurrah" can be a 1Kb factorization.

I hope to see some younger participants ready to step in and fill the places of those who are more suited to "gardening" rather than cutting-edge math.

And, to Bob and Paul, we old codgers can still teach the young whipersnappers a thing or two.

(Thanks Bob for "infecting" me.)
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