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Originally Posted by James Heinrich View Post
I can only work with the data I have. Data is exported from based on public display name. You don't want to have multiple personalities? Don't change your public name.
I can't! Aliens are hunting me. I need to hide from time to time.

I don't know why 332689127 shows as P-1 on, but I have manually adjusted the record on to be TF.
Thanks, you are my man. This however doesn't solve the problem with my credit, and I assume other people are in the same situation. I remember George doing a trick in the past because people used to report TF results as P-1 or viceversa, and get lots of credits, and he modified something to avoid this. I assume that now is the "something" hitting back. I use Misfit, and the report was automatic, there is absolutely NO WAY that I reported it like P-1 by mistake or by intention. It may have something to do with me repeatedly trying to report and get the 80-81 registered, which I did by hand (because it seemed it was ignored). But someone needs so have a look what went on there.
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