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Default Which Cloud Service is the best for the Mersenne Prime Search?


If I want to run the LLR test on a cloud computing platform or a cloud-based environment, when I am looking for a new record prime, which service is the best in terms of price-performance ratio? Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine (GCE), Microsoft Azure, Google Colab?

Haven't used any of these services yet. I've heard that Google Colab is free, but math programs can only be written with Python, the connection to the Google Cloud Server is interrupted at regular intervals, and sometimes a GPU and TPU are not available. The question is whether the use of Google Colab makes here sense at all. Or whether it is better to use paid services that sometimes also offer free services, for example when I book capacities in the lower segment, such as Amazon EC2. It would have the advantage that I could first test smaller numbers and thus become more familiar with the handling.

I'm not looking for the cheapest provider here, but the provider who offers the best price-performance ratio in terms of price and processing speed. Which provider would you recommend me here? Which provider has here the best price-performance ratio?
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