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Originally Posted by CedricVonck View Post
Does anybody have an idea how to sieve the same file on different pc's??
It depends on your sieving software:

If you are using sr1sieve, you can run different intervals [pmin-pmax] on the individual machines. All you have to do is to collect the factors found (using the "-f" switch).
For example:

./sr1sieve -i input.txt -o output.txt -f factors.txt -p 1000000 -P 2000000
After a while you transfer the factors files to your master machine and update the sieve file using srfile, which is part of srsieve:

./srfile -g --known-factors factors.txt sievefile.txt
(The "-g" switch is to force the NewPGen file format.)

There might also be a similar procedure for NewPGen, but I haven't tried yet...

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