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Originally Posted by cipher View Post
oddball i tried combining them and try sieving... it won't work. :( let me know if you get different results.
I tried it on a CPU and couldn't get it to work either:

tpsieve version 0.3.4 (testing)
Compiled Sep 3 2009 with GCC 4.4.0
nstart=489990, nstep=30
Read 32086513 terms from NewPGen format input file `48.txt'
tpsieve initialized: 3 <= k <= 9999999, 480000 <= n < 489999
Sieve started: 6002000000000000 <= p < 6003000000000000
malloc: No such file or directory
The sieve runs fine if the n=485K-490K file is used. FYI, this was done using a Core 2 Duo at 3GHz with 3.25 GB of RAM using Windows XP. The sieve speed for the n=485K-490K file using one core is 29M p/sec.

I'll try the combined file on a Phenom II later today and see how it goes.
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