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Default Instead, what makes a project FUN?! :-)

We'll get down to fewer servers eventually so let's set aside the server issue for the moment.

Instead, everyone let us know what makes for the most fun project of all!

The aim of this project intially was to search the ranges as quickly as possible. That quickly changed when I heard several people say that this was one the most fun projects they've been on. I believe that happened largely as a result of the rallies (Thanks Anon/Carlos for bringing those to NPLB!) but I think having sieved files readily available, a good scoring system, and prompt updates of all information on web pages, posts, etc. contributes a large part to that also.

So we've changed...instead of getting the ranges searched quickly, the objective is to keep it as the most fun project of all.

In throwing out the suggestion of not merging drives 1 and 3, keep in mind that if we get a small subset of the big range of k=300-1001 searched to n=600K and begin testing above that, there may be a couple of people here or even people that aren't currently interested that may become very interested if we are searching larger n-ranges. It would also help heavy hitters. With longer testing times, it would be less likely to crash servers.

Yes, many projects have only 1 server but many are BORING projects! I mean no offense to any of them at all because in particular SOB may be one of the best run projects this side of GIMPS. I just can't personally stomach 1000's of secs. per LLR test with virtually only one option of what to search. They just aren't fun to me. I want a project that is fun but is also going places.

If a project is fun for everyone, then people will want to search any and all ranges that we throw out there. And that was the original intent anyway so both objectives are accomplished and everyone has a blast!


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