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Originally Posted by em99010pepe View Post
False, it's very easy, you just need to keep adding more work independently of its type but always on the same base (2). One server only, not two but that's my humble and wise opinion. I keep saying that we don't have 100,000 cores but only 100 at our disposal. You people still don't get it?!? Time will give me reason because with the increase of the number of servers the idle ones will also increase, that happened with the CRUS servers, duh!
Sob only has one server, RieselSieve only one server, RS Base 5 two, PSP one...
Okay. I wasn't as much thinking of hassles on the part of you or any of the other individual LLRnet server administrators, but instead more along the lines of the work I need to do to turn the LLRnet results files into contiguous lresults-format files. I could do it, but I was thinking it would be a little easier if we kept the two ranges on separate servers.

And yes, I have been keeping in mind our project's current resources--once your servers have been dried and shut down, NPLB shouldn't have any more than 3 servers at any given time. Thus, we shouldn't have the problem of idle servers, as long as we don't go over ~3 servers.
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