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Default Opinions wanted on direction of drive 3

My original thinking and what I've heard from people is that it would be best to merge drive 3 with drive 1. But I would like to throw out another possibility here:

See how quickly we can get k=300-400 tested to n=600K. I'm currently sieving this k-range for n=600K-1M to P=11T-12T, which will be complete 3rd-4th week in March.

Although we'll have a few k's that we can test for n>600K because others have previously searched that high, if we can get this k-range quickly tested to n=600K, it would open up fully 50 k's for searching n>600K!! (As far as I know, there are no reservations anywhere for this k-range/n-range.)

Thoughts, opinions, complications, feedback?


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