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Originally Posted by snme2pm1 View Post
Indeed 50 hours per year is of little benefit to the project, and any assignment that you may have held from the outset would likely expire before completion, and likely be completed by another player.
First, really posting to find out if the error I got above is a bug in Prime95, since it worked fine on a smaller exponent.

Second, again, just doing some light TF and ECM on a project I'm already doing PRP with on another computer on the off chance I find a factor and save me whatever time remains from the PRP test. From what I gather, the probability of finding a factor between 2^81 and 2^82 is slightly above 1%, which is greater than 0%. I get that it's slow, but I haven't heard an actual reason why I should opt for no work over some work, when any work is positive work.

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