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No, this is only for the CPUs that have 64Kb L1 cache, i.e. AMD CPUs. (log264Kb = 16) Don't change L1 bits for Intel CPUs.

How much of the q area have you already sieved? What side have you sieved on? There's no need really for a project of this size to go over q>2^30. Try to cover the area from q=10^7 to your current lower limit (where you started, 238450000). Even if you go over 2^30, the yield will be less and less. You may get a better yield by repeating some of the most productive (lower q) areas with the parameters that Tom (fivemack) suggested earlier. Have you used 3LP? Like -
lpbr: 33
lpba: 33
mfba: 66
mfbr: 96
alambda: 2.55
rlambda: 3.7

Have you tried to filter your existing set of relations?
Last but not the least, do you have a computer (set of computers) to solve the resulting >40M matrix?
(As the saying goes, take no offense, - it's not the size (of the cluster), it's how you use it that matters. Have you done a snfs-~270-280 before doing this snfs-290?)

If you really want to go to very high q values, use the link to lasieve5 message.

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