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Originally Posted by 10metreh View Post
One thing: please make it clear when sequences reach 100. Henryzz and I don't spend hours every day looking through Syd's database.
agreed although i will probably keep an eye on the sequences near 100 digits

also something that need clearing up:
when i add a reservation i check its status in the database i have often found in this thread that there is only 50 iterations there or maybe the sequence starter has been run in the database
what should i do?
there seems little point in adding status when it doesn't even go to 10 digits
when should i start adding status for a sequence?
please bear in mind that it takes time to add the status for a sequence and 10metreh and i don't want to spend all day adding useless statuses when you reserve several sequences
i would feel inclined to say not to bother before 80 digits since it doesnt take me long to get up to there

50 digits is what i have been doing so far
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