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Ah, thank you 10metreh. Now I understand the background behind all of this. The name of the thread explains things better now.

It's really a mess...trying to bring together so many other's disparate efforts, several of which it sounds like they are not easily coming off of the files that would have been produced from them. It's a great work that you guys are doing here.

This effort reminds me a little of the "No prime left behind" prime search project that I'm an admin for. We try to fill in the 'holes' of Riesel primes that others have left behind from numerous wide-ranging efforts; hence the name. Besides the mathematical curiosity behind the sequences, the filling in of holes, i.e. sequences that are a little lower searched than their neighbors, kind of drew my attention here.

I didn't realize that I was doing the "low priority" stuff. :-) With the limit I use, I end up testing most to an average size of around 108-112 somewhere. I guess I want to see some of the lower sequences get cracked since there are so many of them, as hopeless as many of them are. I was SO close on 233324. :-)

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