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But that's my whole point. Why I have 2 separate listings? If I'm an average searcher, I may not know ahead of time whether I want to take them beyond 100 digits.

Personally, I will always take them higher to a factor that is a hard C>=100 hence the size will always be > 100 but others may not know ahead of time. So does that mean that none of my >200K reservations go here?

So my question again is: What is the reasoning behind 2 listings for the same sequence range? Why not a one-stop shop? I'm curious more than anything how this was decided upon. Did I miss a posting somewhere?
henryzz and I had a discussion via PMs about what we were going to do about the 200k range. We decided that we should have one thread for the sequences that will only go to 100 digits. Wolfgang was working on the 210k-250k range, but he gave up for various reasons, so we've taken the range instead. This means we need to get all the sequences up to 250k to 100 digits. This thread is for the sequences that are part of this project. (Maybe I should make the title clearer.) The main reservations thread is for the sequences that have already reached 100 and are being taken further. Henryzz will keep track of this range.

I am counting this range as high priority, so my advice is: only take sequences beyond 100 if they look good. We need to get more sequences to 100, not get the existing ones to 110.

So, basically: this thread is for the "210k-250k to 100 digits" subproject of the main project.

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