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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post

the same things happens when i begun to search for Riesel-primes 2 years ago:
there are many information about them on different pages, some current, some old not updated for years, some projects searching independently, work done twice because of unknown status,...

so i decided to collect all those information available on one page for everyone...
and the results can be found on!

perhaps there's someone compiling these info for aliquot sequences too!
Well, this is our just-getting-organized attempt at bringing everything together. I'm focusing mainly on the 100k range because there is no organized effort to work it, and it's just been completed (within the last year) to 100 digits, so there's plenty to look at. If you look at this thread, you can see who's doing what in the ranges from 1-1,000,000.....
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