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Originally Posted by schickel View Post
I have three sequences that need extending. Two were left off by Wolfgang at the downdriver and have been extended to the loss of the downdriver, but it would be nice to get them back above 100 digits.

The third one just had its guide change to 2^5 * 3^2 and could possibly have its guide change, depending on how the current line factors.

The three are:
 18330  755. 2^5 * 3^2 c109, size 120
158360 2043. 2^2 * 3 * 7 c88, size 93
159414 2063. 2 * 3 c90, size 91
Obviously, 18330 would be better handled by someone with the horsepower to tackle some possibly largish nfs jobs......
I'll take 158360 and 159414 and they will take priority over the current C96. Could you post a .alq for both of them? (Just the current number would be fine for starters.)

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