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Default Very Prime Riesel and Sierpinski k

The purpose of this thread to is post news relating to new very prime Riesel and Sierpinski k, in order that prime hunters might want to source new k's to search to high n.

A VPS (Very Prime Series) is one in which there are 100 or more primes at n=10,000 for a given k. Details of discovered k, and how to find them, are shown at


Please quote new k in the following format, k is y*M(x) where y is an integer, M(x) is the multiplier 3*5*11*13*19*29.....x, where x is the largest prime of the product of all consecutive primes less than x that have multiplicative order base 2 of p-1.

So a posting for k=1043827764761*3*5*11*13*19*29*37*53*2^n-1, which has its 100th prime at n=8888, and 103 by 10000 would be:

R 1043827764761 53 100/8888 103/10000

R=Riesel , i.e. the - series
S=Proth, i.e. the + series

You can also post near misses.
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