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Thanks for running the test. Be aware there will be "signals" based on your usage. I dare you to bring eight (8#) GMail accounts running Colab using the same NPA (I didn't dare try this, but little Bimshire is a "developing country").

No one knows what is actually acceptable. Google's T&C is a "black box". It is worth running experiments, just to see (empirically) what can be done...

Empirically, no one actually knows for sure. In multiple jurisdictions.

That might be unsettling for regulators (assuming, of course, the regulators are actually on the side of the consumers; not always the case).
8 of my free google accounts running colab instances all use the same phone number, and same backup email address (which of course is a gmail address). They run from separate tabs on the same browser on the same computer at the same time. I have different names on the accounts, but there's absolutely no verification of that. Of course I'm in the US of A, but there's been no issue. I seem to be able to create as many google accounts as I want, each with their own separate google drive allocation. At some point if I added dozens of accounts maybe Google would notice. When Google randomly decides that one of my accounts can't get a GPU for a week or two, it doesn't affect any of my other accounts.
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