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Latest yafu segfaults when resuming NFS. Here's the gdb output:

>> nfs: checking for job file - job file found, testing for matching input
nfs: number in job file matches input
nfs: checking for data file
nfs: previous data file found
nfs: commencing search for last special-q
line 0 = 1631079863,1741:fb1cb3,26a433,4903:156d15,c5f,ec3,1387,a1d71,ce251,e01fb

line 1 = 1638952149,2035:19f8559,be9,11ab,3121,c775:38e243,13af,2e2d,3161,3491,27e51,e01fb

line 2 = 1736339753,1015:7f3ae3,2cde80d,116f,274e5:100019,2971ac5,4255,a3ff,af7f,e01fb

line 3 = 1733728719,1543:26a084d,18b5637,1999,48f7:305e33f,1d41f,61d11,6d3,e01fb

nfs: parsing special-q from .dat file
nfs: commencing nfs on c100: 1522605027922533360535618378132637429718068114961380688657908494580122963258952897654000350692006139
nfs: resumesieve; last_spq = 918011, nfs_phases = 0
nfs: found skew: 1108606.390000
nfs: found c[0]: -537120876901310626660353125
nfs: found c[1]: 20224876429498235072250
nfs: found c[2]: 13491534070563215
nfs: found c[3]: -19666557336
nfs: found c[4]: 8820
nfs: found Y0: -644590365547202992686312
nfs: found Y1: 11026585360387
nfs: parsed lpbr = 26, lpba = 26

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
parse_job_file (fobj=fobj@entry=0x5555578f9000, job=job@entry=0x7fffffffa1d0)
    at factor/nfs/nfs_filemanip.c:1372
1372            job->snfs->sdifficulty = job->snfs->difficulty = 0;
(gdb) backtrace
#0  parse_job_file (fobj=fobj@entry=0x5555578f9000, job=job@entry=0x7fffffffa1d0) at factor/nfs/nfs_filemanip.c:1372
#1  0x00005555555da4cb in nfs (fobj=fobj@entry=0x5555578f9000) at factor/nfs/nfs.c:874
#2  0x000055555556a0b2 in feval (funcnum=funcnum@entry=71, nargs=1, metadata=metadata@entry=0x7fffffffb6c0) at top/cmdParser/calc.c:2857
#3  0x00005555555696f9 in calc (in=in@entry=0x7fffffffb500, metadata=metadata@entry=0x7fffffffb6c0) at top/cmdParser/calc.c:1943
#4  0x00005555555699b0 in calc_with_assignment (in=in@entry=0x5555578f7850, metadata=metadata@entry=0x7fffffffb6c0, force_quiet=force_quiet@entry=0)
    at top/cmdParser/calc.c:1531
#5  0x0000555555569b8a in process_expression (input_exp=<optimized out>, metadata=0x7fffffffb6c0, force_quiet=0, no_convert_result=0) at top/cmdParser/calc.c:1477
#6  0x000055555555a878 in main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>) at top/driver.c:366

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