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I believe I have solved the first part of the problem. I.e. I have a set of T triplets that satisfy the conditions 1-4.

However, I am a bit confused by the second part:

Given this set, one can generate A_0 and A_1 that satisfy
A_0 is equivalent to F_{m_k-a_k} modulo  p_k
 A_1 is equivalent to  F_{m_k-a_k+1} modulo  p_k
Should there be a A_0 and A_1 that satisfies this for every k? Or is it sufficient if it is satisfied for one k? The problem specification isn't so clear about this, or am I missing something? I haven't checked my solution in detail yet, but currently, my intuition is that there isn't a pair of A_0 and A_1 that satisfies it for all k in my solution.
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