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Plus Prime95 v30.4/30.5/30.6

Prime95 version 30.5 build 2 is available.

I consider this pretty stable software. Those doing P-1 and ECM work should upgrade. First time PRP testers can consider upgrading for the minor speed boost doing P-1 required prior to some first-time assignments.

From whatsnew.txt:

1) Faster P-1 stage 2.
2) Faster ECM stage 1 and stage 2.
3) Gwnum library overhauled.  Many functions deprecated.  Replaced by more
powerful gwmul3.  New functions that compute (a+b)*c and (a-b)*c with less
memory accesses.  Faster conversion to and from binary.
4) ECM and P-1 can find the best B2 value for the amount of memory prime95
is allowed to use.  For ECM, this happens when the worktodo.txt line sets
B2=100*B1 which is the default assignment from the PrimeNet server.  For P-1, the
best B2 is chosen when the worktodo.txt line specifies the trial factoring depth.
  For example, "Pminus1=1,2,20000003,-1,500000,0,70" chooses the best B2
bound for B1=500000 given that M20000003 has been trial factored to 2^70.

Download links:
Windows 64-bit:
Linux 64-bit:
FreeBSD 64-bit:
Windows 32-bit:
Linux 32-bit:
Windows Service 64-bit:
Windows Service 32-bit:

You can find info on the first 4 v30.4 builds as well as some questions and answers on new features starting here in the 20M thread

Please report any bugs you may find.

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