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Yeah, no 80-bit floats on ARM. ARM does have NEON, which appears analogous to SSE and is available on all 64-bit ARM processors. There is a defined instruction set extension for larger vectors called Scalable Vector Extension (SVE), which provides an interface for vectors from 128-bit to 2048-bit, with the hardware register size being set at any 128-bit interval in that range. However, it doesn't appear that SVE is currently implemented in any commercially available general-purpose ARM CPU as of ~2018 (phones and SOCs included), so it's probably not worth coding at this point.
I have to believe that the Apple ARM chips they intend to use on the new MacBooks will support SVE, but I haven't found anything to explicitly state that. It is possible that they might only reserve chips with that capability to their higher end offerings when those are switched over.
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