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Cool Overall "GPU to 72" Status

OK, it's been almost exactly a month since development started on the system, and approximately three weeks since Workers started using it.

I think we all believed were having a positive effect on the overall GIMPS effort, but this belief was based on subjective opinion rather than hard data. This has now changed.

I have updated the Overall System Status report to include the amount of LL/DC and P-1 work being saved. And I have to say, even I'm surprised...

            Factors   Work Saved   Average GHz/GPU Days per...   Total GHz/GPU Days...
Work Type     Found   P-1  LL/DC         Factor     Work Saved   Factoring       Saved
DC TF            43     0     43          1.964         24.110      84.493   1,036.735
LL TF           148    87    296          4.055        181.016     600.269  26,790.486
P-1              35           70         57.800        176.849   2,023.006   6,189.743
Total           226    87    409                                 2,707.769  34,016.965
Those GPUs are just amazing! Thanks for all the work everyone!!!

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