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Originally Posted by greenskull View Post
Will they be forcibly taken away from the previous owners.
When they expire, they get reassigned to someone else. If the slowpoke turns in the result before the other person does, oh well.
Whether they will be processed from scratch or from the point where everything stopped.
PrimeNet does not receive the interim files. The data transfer and storage are not currently worth it. So, the person with the new assignment has to start afresh.
If the latest date is October 10, then does this mean that the cherished date will not come earlier than this moment.
The slowest assignment that expires furthest in the future will then have to be reassigned and then run by who ever gets it. If that is a person that takes 10 days to complete such an assignment normally and their machine goes down for a few days over a long weekend, it may be 15 days after the current latest expiry.

Or other things can happen....
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