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Originally Posted by swellman View Post
The command syntax for sieving n on the rational side is

yafu "nfs(n)" -v -r -R -ns x,y
where x = rlim/2 and y = x + range of special_q to be sieved. The algebraic side would use the -a flag in lieu of -r.

I often run a small interval of spec_q of 2000, just to make sure everything is working as it should. Then run the command again with no -ns x,y flag and YAFU will run the job from the last spec_q until sieving is complete, then automatically go through the entire NFS process until factors are found.
Yafu ought to automatically detect which side is better to sieve on (both by analysis of the poly, and IIRC, string analysis of comments in the poly file).
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