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Default Predict M50

With M49 all but certain, here is the new thread for guessing M50.
Based upon previous rules.

  1. Post your guess here, no PM'ing.
  2. Your guess must include a prime number (we are guessing the exponent) and or date of discovery. No ranges, they may be ignored (or we may take the worst case of the range as the choice.)
  3. You can not guess a number (or date) that has already been guessed.
  4. If there is a tie (i.e. 2 posts are equally close and meet all other rules), the first post gets it.
  5. You may post 3 guesses. If all exponents up to your number have had a first time test, you may select another, after a 60 day wait. Same for date predictions.
  6. All guesses received within the 48 hours before M50 is reported are hereby disqualified (to prevent cheating).
    I ask the moderators to lock this thread when M50 is reported.
  7. The discoverer of M50 will have all guesses posted more than 2 days after they were assigned the expo that is reported to be prime, are hereby disqualified.
  8. If the prime that is reported fails the rechecks, those disqualified in 7 and 8 will be restored.

All previous guesses from other threads must be specifically restated.

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