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Originally Posted by axn View Post
And what happens when you flip the signs on A5..A0?
Msieve v. 1.54 (SVN 1041)
Wed Jul  7 09:48:31 2021
random seeds: 8b53f898 3ecfeb7e
factoring 798714408583534111218890232290224688792108684535127942573951568105348821635488501822138981923034879063165326737648089547891701098011684158965932673371227082652984500807199785769778899213 (186 digits)
no P-1/P+1/ECM available, skipping
commencing number field sieve (186-digit input)
R0: -671434345011425390364129256815738507
R1: 302918003288600224887967
A0: -855299734549376002681269040716011503195190
A1: 3578725611871361502992472667183513387
A2: 1470548342195016584382531299800
A3: -55439831693748260477406
A4: -5309014851641644
A5: 76090560
skew 12538082.23, size 2.982e-18, alpha -7.736, combined = 3.404e-14 rroots = 5

commencing square root phase
 reading relations for dependency 1
Originally Posted by jyb View Post
Try negating all of the algebraic polynomial's coefficients in the .fb file.
We didn't think of negating the positives to negatives. Sorry!

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