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Sorry for the delay, been busy with some data-gathering for nfs@home queue planning.

A params.C185 file should have the usual 25-30% increase in lim's, and we should test 32/32 against the current setting.

If we stay with 31/32, I'd add another 20-30M relations wanted. 32/32 should be 30% higher than that to start with.

Poly select should be about double the C180 file- say, 60% increase in admax and 25% increase in P.

Edit: I'd also raise qmin to 25M or 30M. The most recent CADO-factorization paper mentions that controlling the qmax/qmin ratio helps to control the duplicate rate; so as our jobs get tougher and sieve up to larger Q's, qmin should rise as well. If I understood what they said properly (a weak assumption), a ratio of 7 is a decent target, and duplicate-rates get poor once the ratio exceeds 10. We saw that back when I suggested qmin of 500k, and their paper agrees with the data you gathered. We expect Q-max of 175-200M, I think?

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