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c180 results:
Poly score 9.842e-14, within 2% of the score for the last c179.
65.1M CPU-sec sieving for 321M raw relations, 225M unique.
TD=110 produced a 16.6M matrix.

mfb0=59 doesn't seem worth it to me. Yield and rel/sec improve a few percent but so does the number of relations needed to build a matrix. More importantly, 59 gives bigger matrices than 58; I'd guess something like 8-10% more unique relations are needed at 59 to build a matrix comparable to what you'd get at 58.

There's one more c180 on the HCN list that's unambiguously a GNFS job (there are a couple that are SNFS 261/2, I suspect SNFS will be slightly faster there?) so I'll run it with mfb0=58 and lambda0=1.93 - intermediate between the previously tried 1.88 and CADO-default 58/31+0.1=1.97 - unless anyone has a better suggestion.
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