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Lightbulb Fermat's theorem

[Second question: what about the infinite sums -c, and in particularly when c=1 ? like 1-1+1-1+./UNQUOTE]..

It will be interesting to see a different and surprising answer to the ones Ive given. The answer was given by Guido Grandi a priest and professor of Pisa known for his study of rosaces (r=sin(n*theta) and other curves which resemble flowers. In the 18th century, also known for its mysticism, Guido considered the formula
1/2 = 1-1+1-1 ...
= 0+0+0..
as the symbol for Creation from Nothing.
He obtained the result 1/2 by considering the case of a father who bequeaths a gem to his two sons who each may keep the bauble for one year in alternation. It then belongs to each son for one half!
Source: 'A concise history of mathematics' by Dirk J. Struick
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