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Default mprime seems difficult/buggy

I've used mprime for years (on POSIX-based OSes, currently p95v2810.linux64) but it seems difficult/buggy. The interface is like something I'd imagine the earliest amateur PC software has. Sometimes I've gone through setup loop 10 times, having to redo everything because of making one change/mistake, or further mistakes, and it doesn't seem to save all your choices (just some) or ask if you want to use the old ones. Many times now, a workstation or server would crash, lose power, or otherwise have to be turned off when I had no choice or forgot GIMPS software was running. Then when I restart, it just seems to both hang (displays nothing, doesn't ask anything) and make the CPUs go towards overheating. Lately, I've been using the option five to quit, which says later select test/continue... except I restart it, and same thing (seemed to hang)... besides now before I exit, I noticed... there isn't even a 'test/continue' option. I'm giving up until there is. The other stuff is tolerable, but it'd be nice if improved when I start running GIMPS software again.

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