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I just moved all of my machines over to port 2000 that weren't already there--they should all be on within a couple hours as they finish their current workloads.

This should (hopefully) be a record rally for me--I lost two machines' worth of firepower but more than made up for it by adding two others that are more powerful. My venerable Q6600, long the linchpin of my computational arsenal, kicked the bucket in early December (probably CPU failure--it became extremely unstable at the end) and was replaced by an i5-2400, which in addition to being twice as fast as the Q6600 on a per-core basis to begin with, can take advantage of the AVX speedups in recent pre-release LLR versions for an additional 50% speedup. I also dropped a Phenom 9750 on extended loan from Gary which has now been "returned" to him, but in turn added an i7-2620M (dual core) tablet PC laptop which, like the i5, is 250% faster per-core than a Core 2, for a net throughput slightly greater than what the Q6600 produced. That, plus a Phenom II X4 N970 that I've had for a little while (but not as far back as the last rally) and my old E4500 dualcore should put me consistently over 50-60 tests/hour on port 2000.
I shall try to keep up with you

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