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Hello all,

first of all, thanks for your kind and prompt replies - this really is a nice place on the web :)
Using the prime95 build provided, I could track down some problems whilst running the Blend-test, therefore I think my memory-subsystem might be somewhat unstable (initially, compiling large C++ sources failed on the machine in question).
I'm fiddling with some memory-related settings in my BIOS now, and as soon as I'm able to run 2 processes of the now-multithreaded (nice work by the way, kudos! :)) mprime for 24 consecutive hours without errors, I'll look into Mlucas once more, to answer Ernst's questions.

Have a fine time, cheers!
- colo

On a somewhat related note, is there a way to have mprime exit when an error is detected while stress-testing? Because if something goes awry during computing, I'd like to be notified asap to tune the memory settings once again, and restart the testing procedure - which is cumbersome if you have to manually check all X minutes... :)

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