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Hi, Colo:

I am the author of the 2nd program you mention. Depending on the compiler you are using, you may have to turn down the optimization level on several routines, specifically these:


in order to get a working build. The above code is not timing-critical, so using e.g. -O0 [try that first] or -O1 instead of -O2 or -O3 should not hurt overall performance. Since Mlucas usually uses a one-line compile [i.e. there's no makefile], the easiest way to tweak the build in the necessary manner is to do e.g.

gcc -O3 *.c
gcc -O0 util.c qfloat.c
gcc -o Mlucas.exe *.o -lm

Let me know if that works. Be aware that the performance will likely suck relative to Prime95 - no x86-specific assembly code in the current release version of Mlucas, e.g. no SSE2 optimizations. I am working hard on the latter [a.k.a. "what I did over the winter holidays, and nearly every evening and weekend since"] and getting pretty close [i.e. a few months away] from a beta for people to test, but that will be ready ... when it's ready.

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