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Originally Posted by grobie
this is what I typed in dos box after I got to dir:

mfactor -m t332194021

this is what I got:

convert base 10 char uint64: isdigit<c> fails, s = t332194021, i = 0, c = t
ERROR: at line 1684 of file \documents and settings\mayer\mlucas\util.c
Assertion failed: 0
There should be no 't' preceding the Mersenne exponent (that's simply the letter prepended by Mfactor to the exponent to yield the savefile name) - you should use just

mfactor -m 332194021

That will cause the program to look for a savefile named 't332194021' on startup - the program doesn't have a feature allowing arbitrary naming of savefiles, it always uses the same exponent-dependent naming convention.

Also, could you copy me on the diagnostic prints (e.g. about which build flags were invoked) issued by the code on startup?


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