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Few months ago I've tested the TF performance of Prime95 24.13 in that range. Added a file with all factors found for 332.4-332.5M up to 58 bits. I can also upload a file with the nofactor results if you would like to use these results.
Furthermore the following factors have been found between 332300000 and 332306000 up to 60 bits :

M332300401 has a factor: 1070607292159444799
M332301391 has a factor: 142991567470239479
M332303857 has a factor: 357944494383753113
M332304403 has a factor: 726792857820247759
M332304827 has a factor: 244432616212910113
M332305873 has a factor: 90139783770540073
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