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Originally Posted by bur View Post
Since you said that yoyo (is that yoyo@home?) will pick up the non-trivials sooner or later I guess it makes more sense to begin base 2*18^2 instead of continuing with base 53?
Confusingly, it's actually yafu@home, but yoyo is the forum user who manages it. I think yafu@home and the actual yoyo@home are both under the umbrella, so they're basically sister projects.


Edit: Base 14288 initialization is done. I got lucky with i=34 with a 26-digit smallest factor on the first term that knocked the sequence below 120 digits, but not so lucky for i=32 (which was not completed). Other than non-trivial terminations (at primes) of i=3, 7. and 9, there was nothing else interesting with this base. Base 19116 is next, and I'll try to get as many trivial sequences done as possible before the update.

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