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Originally Posted by RichD View Post
Base 62 is already included in your tables. I simply advanced several sequences.
Yes I know that !
But anyway, on Thursday I'm going to update all the bases of the project.
Because during the month of July, I will have a lot of periods without access to my computer.
So don't be surprised if sometimes it takes me a long time to answer on the forum, sometimes more than 15 days...

Originally Posted by EdH View Post
Base 450 should all be green at your next update. If no one lets me know they're already there, I'll start working on base 338, greening up the non-green cells. . .
Excellent, many thanks !
The more green cells we have by August, the better.
Because I'm going to do a big data analysis.
Maybe a 141st conjecture will come out of it !
But maybe nothing will come out of it, we can't predict anything !
Nothing ever went as I had planned on this project...
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