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Originally Posted by garambois View Post
I'm sorry, but I personally don't use aliqueit so I can't answer this question.
I use my own program written with Olivier Huber and Paul Zimmermann.
This program uses several factorization methods including at the end an ECM method and CADO-NFS.
It is written in python and I change the parameters according to the type of sequences I calculate.
Sequences of the form n^i for example do not behave like sequences of the form 2^5*3^3*5*7*n on which I also work (growth at each iteration of a factor at least equal to 3).
Originally Posted by bur View Post
That sounds good, I found cado to be faster than msieve. Is that script publicly avilable?

Following these two messages, I contacted Paul Zimmermann and Olivier Huber.
They both gave their agreement for me to publish here our program which calculates the aliquot sequences.
But I preferred to present this program in a new Thread, see here.
So, it will be easier to find this program in the future for those who would need it.
If, however, this program should be of interest to some of you ?
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