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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
Our ISP contract with HiVelocity/Incero is up for renewal/renegotiation in February. Aaron Blosser is investigating other options, nothing vastly superior has been found yet.
GW: Move to stay with HiVelocity unless Aaron recommends something else or HiVelocity proposes a big price hike.
Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
ISP HiVelocity has not mentioned negotiating a new multi-year contract. We remain on month-to-month for $150. Our server is aging but not giving us any troubles. Aaron keeps abreast of our options should we need to replace it – likely with a cloud based solution.
Hi George, I'm not sure if you or Aaron are still open to suggestions, but I have a web host I've been using that is very reasonable on price for high performance bare metal servers (since they source used components). There are two servers hosted out of Dallas under $150 that both have great specs.

Disclaimer: The link above is an affiliate link, I am posting it here solely because it may be of benefit to GIMPS.
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