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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
Something that has concerned me for a while now is that there does not appear to be any recourse for an ordinary user mistreated by one or more moderators, or any visible effective restraint upon the excesses of a moderator.
What I've observed is ridicule, insults, even threats of violence by moderators go unaddressed, and even supported by other moderators piling on.
Instead we have moderators piling on and supporting each other in their excesses.
You made a complete jackass of yourself with frivolous complaints to this effect back in April.

I advised you to refrain from that sort of thing.

Now, here you are, making an even bigger jackass of yourself by repeating the same frivolous complaints.

If you think that repeating the same nonsense over and over will result in others accepting it as true, or even acquiescing to it, think again.
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